Public transport

The Netherlands has an extensive public transport system, including buses, trams, metros and trains.

When planning a trip by train, remember that Delft has two stations: Delft and Delft Zuid (South). Be sure to have a valid ticket before getting on the train.

Direct train

A direct train from Delft to Schiphol Airport takes only 40 minutes. The intercity (in the direction of Lelystad) leaves Delft at 4 and 34 minutes past the hour. The intercity (in the direction of Vlissingen) leaves Schiphol at 16 and 46 minutes past the hour. Go to Plan a journey for details. 

Trams and buses in Delft

  • The two trams that service Delft are operated by HTM. Tram no. 1 offers service between Delft, Rijswijk, The Hague and Scheveningen (on the coast). Tram no. 19 offers service from Leidschendam to Delft station, in the future continuing on to TU Delft's campus.
  • Delft has an extensive network of local and regional buses, most of which stop at the Delft station (Centre). For timetables go to

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