The Delftpas

The Delftpas offers discounts. Substantial discounts! But there is a lot more to the Delftpas.

The Delftpas is the start of a lot of enjoyment and many adventures. Going out and about together: with your family, husband, best friend or mother. Go to the movies, visit  the zoo, or do a workshop. Enjoying a lovely day out, alone or with a friend, that’s what the Delftpas is about! 


The Delftpas 2021 is valid from 1 March 2021 to 28 February 2022.

Prices Delftpas

  • Standard price € 60 per person

Delft residents (persons registered as citizens with the Delft municipality):

  • Children from Delft (0-18 years) € 20 per person
  • Delft residents with a low income € 5 per person

Delft residents with a joint net monthly income not exceeding:

Target audience 2021
Married and cohabiting couples, single-parent families € 1.690
Singles € 1.183

Contribution towards school costs

Pass purchased at the same time for free children living at home age 0 -18. The municipality can pay a contribution towards school costs on the free pass (only in Dutch). With this money you can buy school, gym and swim gear. And pay part of the parental contribution for school.

Retirement age

People with an AOW-allowance can buy the Delftpas for € 5 if the joint net monthly income (retirement pension included) does not exceed:

Target audience 2021

Married and cohabiting couples

€ 1.783
Singles € 1.316


There are no discount rates for Delft students, they can buy a Delftpas for € 60. 


Bring your ID when buying a Delftpas. If you are eligible for the discount rate of € 5 but you do not receive benefit or an allowance from the municipality, please bring your proof of income and buy your Delftpas at the municipality at the Stationsplein 1 (by appointment only).


Check the website Delftpas (only in Dutch) for more information.