Address verification procedure


Are there former residents still registered at your address or is someone refusing to deregister? Do you receive post intended for persons who no longer live there or persons who used the address as an alternative address? In such cases you can apply for an address verification procedure.


The council will try to trace the current living address of the person registered at your address, after which this person may be deregistered or transferred to a new address.

Handling term

It takes 6 to 10 weeks for address details to be verified. This term may be longer under special circumstances. After completion of the verification proceedings we will inform you about the number of persons registered at your address.


No costs are involved.


My address details are being verified, what to do?

In the case of doubt about the correctness of your address details, the council will be obliged to start address verification proceedings. This may be done at the request of the current resident or institutions that use these address details on behalf, or by order of the municipal authorities. You will be sent a letter at the addresses in your name as filed in the municipal records.

The verification proceedings will be terminated in the following cases:

  • You submit a written statement made out by the main resident to the effect that you are in fact living at the address concerned, or
  • You can demonstrate that you live at the address concerned by submitting recent mail, like bank statements or rent payment slips.

If the municipality does not receive an attestation of removal or similar response from you, this may result in your deregistration from the personal records database, which may affect your entitlement to receive government benefits.