Bike removed or stolen

Is your bike no longer there on return? Then it may be that the municipality or the NS has removed your bicycle.

When removed?

The NS removes bicycles in bicycle parking 1 at Delft station, that are there longer than 14 days.

The municipality removes a bicycle that:

  • shows defects and can no longer be used properly (bicycle wreck)
  • is parked for more than 28 days
  • is dangerously parked (in the middle of the pavement or in front of an emergency exit)
  • is parked incorrectly in the station area

First a warning

The municipality first gives a warning. The bike is given a label that states when it can be removed. How much time you have left to move your bike depends on the situation and where your bike is.

Identity card

Municipal employees who remove bicycles can always identify themselves. Do you see someone removing your bike? Always ask for a proof of identity.

Bike removed?

Removed bicycles are taken to the Fietsdepot Haaglanden (Bicycle Depot). Check the website of the depot if your bike is listed here. Or call +31 (0)70-752 88 00.

To collect

You can get your bicycle back by paying a fee at the Bicycle Depot. Look for the route and opening times on the website of the depot. The Bicycle Depot stores a bicycle for a number of weeks. Unclaimed bicycles are destroyed or sold to traders or learning-work centers.

What to bring?

  • Valid ID
  • Debit card or credit card
  • Ownership certificate (purchase receipt, frame number or appropriate bicycle key)


If your bike is not at the Bicycle Depot, it is probably stolen. In that case, report this to the police.