BRP extract


An extract (uittreksel) from the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP, formerly GBA), is an official document certifying that you are registered with the city. You can request a BRP extract only from the municipality in which you are registered.


You can request a BRP extract online. Login with your DigiD. You can pay by credit card or iDEAL.

Digital or on paper

You can choose if you want an extract on paper or the digital version.

Digital extract

You’ll get the extract digitally, certified in a PDF-file. This file you can send to organizations digitally who have asked for an extract. If you print the extract on paper the certification is invalid. You can buy the digital extract on your personal internet page.

Paper extract

The municipality will send the extract on paper within 1 day. We will send it to the address where you are registered. Dependent on mail delivery it will be at your house within an couple of days.


Fees 2024
BRP extract€ 11.20



You can also authorise an adult to apply for the extract on your behalf. This person must bring with them: 

  • Valid proof of identification
  • A copy of your proof of identification
  • Completed and signed authorisation form (Machtigingsformulier, in Dutch)

Autorisation form (in Dutch)

Different from civil registry extract

A BRP extract is different from information from the civil registry. In the civil registry certificates regarding birth, death, marriage and divorce are documented. Addresses are not included in these certificates.