Certificate of capacity to contract marriage


Are you going to marry abroad? In that case you may possibly require a certificate of capacity to contract marriage. This states that according to Dutch law you are permitted to marry your partner abroad. The certificate is worded in several languages.


Written applications

You must apply in writing for a certificate of capacity to contract marriage. Send you application to: Gemeente Delft, Postbus 78, 2600 ME Delft.

Personal visit

Would you prefer to visit the city desk (‘stadskantoor’)? In that case make an appointment first.

Include, or bring

  • Valid proof of identity of both partners

Do either you or your partner reside abroad? Then include, for both partners:

  • Copy of the birth certificate
  • Proof of current place of residence, recording civil status and possible former marriages
  • If applicable: certificate of dissolution of previous marriage, like a certificate of divorce or death of the previous partner

These annexes must be authenticated copies. Are documents not worded in Dutch, English, French or German? In that case you will require a translation produced by a sworn translator. Depending on your situation other documents may be required.

Why necessary?

There are some countries that require you to prove that both you and your partner have the capacity to contract marriage. So that means that if you are going to get married abroad you and your partner must:

  • not be married already
  • not have a blood relation that is too close
  • not be too young to get married 

You prove all this by submitting a certificate of capacity to contract marriage. 

When required?

Do you wish to know if you require a certificate of capacity to contract marriage? In that case, contact the authority that will marry you.


  • Either you or your partner possesses the Dutch nationality.
  • You must apply for a certificate in the municipality where you reside. Are you no longer living in the Netherlands? In that case you must apply for a certificate in your last place of residence.


Charges 2024
Certificate of capacity to contract marriage€ 29

Account number

For written applications, please transfer the amount to:

  • IBAN-account number: NL11BNGH0285131559
  • Swift/BIC-code: BNGHNL2G (for payments from abroad)