Certificate of good conduct (VOG)


Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) is proof of good conduct. Your employer can apply for a VOG through the Integrity and Screening Agency.


What do you need it for?

A VOG is required in some professions. For example, if you are employed in education, child care or as a taxi driver. You might also need a VOG for a visa or temporary volunteer work.

Terms and conditions

Not registered in a municipality in the Netherlands? In that case submit your application for a VOG directly to the Integrity and Screening Agency.

Fees 2023

  • Online application: € 33.85
  • Applying at the Delft Registration Office (the municipality): € 41.35

The only way to pay at the Delft Registration Office is with a direct debit card.

How to apply

Applying through your employer

Employers can apply for a VOG online through the Integrity and Screening Agency. This is faster and less expensive. Your employer needs a so-called eHerkenning to do this. 

Once your employer has applied for a VOG, you will receive an e-mail with a link to continue the procedure. To do this you log in with DigiD and pay for the VOG through iDEAL. The Integrity and Screening Agency evaluates your application and sends the VOG by post within four weeks.

Applying through the Delft registration office

In some cases it is not possible to apply for a VOG online. For example if you need the certificate for emigration, a visa, a work permit, home day cares or child care. In this case make an appointment to apply for a VOG at the Delft Registration Office (the municipality) located at Stationsplein 1.

What to bring with you

Bring with you to your appointment: 

There is a separate application form for those working in the child care field or as at-home child minders. You can find it at the national government’s website


You can also authorise an adult to apply for the VOG on your behalf. This person must bring with them: 

  • Valid proof of identification and a copy of your proof of identification
  • Completed application form
  • Completed authorisation form 

Authorisation form (in Dutch)