Knowledge migrants

This information is for individuals (and their families) who have been offered a job in the Netherlands and will be moving to Delft from abroad.

We looking forward to welcoming you to our beautiful city! But first there are some formalities to take care of. And there’s no way around it: moving to another country can be complicated. We hope this information will help you before and during your arrival in Delft. The immigration procedure depends on your nationality, length of stay, employer, and the type of work you will be doing. Your employer’s human resources (HR) department should help you with the immigration process and apply for a work permit, if necessary.

  • Before departure for the Netherlands, find out which documents, such as birth and marriage certificates, you will need. Have them translated or legalised before departure, if applicable. Also check your passport expiration date. If you are bringing family members with you, don’t forget their documents.
  • Employees who qualify for highly skilled migrant status (also called knowledge migrant) do not need a work permit. Read more about highly skilled migrants (IND). The Hague International Centre also provides useful information about registration for highly skilled migrants.
  • If you require a work permit (highly skilled migrants do not; citizens of Romania and Bulgaria do) your employer will submit the application. 
  • In some cases an entry visa (also called authorisation for temporary stay, D visa, and MVV) is required or even useful, so that you can begin work straight away. 
  • Some visitors require a short stay visa (also called C visa or Shengen visa) if they will be staying in the Netherlands less than three months. There are multiple and single entry short stay visas. You must apply for it yourself at a Dutch embassy or consulate. Visas for the Netherlands.
  • If you require a residence permit (VVR in Dutch) (EU citizens do not), you apply at the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) after your arrival in the Netherlands. Read more about the work and residence permit (The Hague International Centre).
  • Citizens of the EU do not need a residence permit but they must register with the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) after arrival.
  • Internationals in Delft can register upon arrival in the Netherlands at The Hague International Centre, which includes registration with the municipality of Delft, the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) and services provided by ACCESS. Check with your employer about making an appointment or make an appointment online
  • You can apply for a Citizen Service Number (BSN) when you register with your municipality. If you do not need to register because you are staying in the Netherlands less than four months, you can acquire a BSN at the municipality of The Hague or 17 other selected municipalities. 
  • Health insurance is mandatory from the moment you arrive in the Netherlands. Make sure you have continuous coverage as you transition from health insurance from home to Dutch health insurance. 
  • You can open a bank account once you have a BSN and you have registered with your municipality (if required). Be sure to take all the required documents with you. Opening a Dutch bank account (IamExpat).