Moving to Delft from abroad

Are you from abroad? And will you stay in the Netherlands for at least 4 months? Then you must register with the municipality. This also applies to all persons in your family who move with you. Call 14015 to make an appoinment.

You come to the appointment at the municipal office with your whole family. During the appointment, the municipality will establish your identity. You also sign the registration form. After this your registration is complete.

At the appointment you will receive a letter that you are registered with the municipality. This also contains your citizen service number (BSN).

Need more documents?

Does the municipality need more documents to register you properly? Then you will be notified of this as soon as possible.

Are you from a country or region where special travel restrictions apply due to the corona virus? Then stay in quarantaine for 10 days after arrival.

A different procedure applies for highly skilled migrants and expats. They can make an appointment at the expat desk of The Hague International Centre to register immediately.

Do you not live in the Netherlands? Or for a period shorter than 4 months? Then you can register as a non-resident. This is only possible at a municipality with a counter for non-residents (RNI municipality).