Notification of marriage


When you are going to marry or contract a partnership you must register first. This must be done in the municipality where the ceremony will take place. In Delft you can register online.


You must log in using your DigiD and your partner’s civil service number. After you have filled in the form, your partner must fill his/hers in as well.


You can register your intended wedding or partnership no more than 1 year before the actual ceremony, yet not less than 6 weeks before. Your planned date may be at risk if you fail to register in time.


Following your registration, the municipality will verify if you comply with the conditions for contracting a marriage or partnership.

Question and answer

Online registration impossible?

In some situations you cannot register online. If so, register at the city desk (‘stadskantoor’) of the municipality. Be sure to make an appointment before you come over.

You must arrive together for your registration. Please bring valid proof of identity. You may also need:

  • a recent copy of your birth certificate including particulars of the parents (only if you were born in a foreign country, not being registered or registered incompletely)
  • certificate of marriage and dissolution of this marriage (only if you were married in a foreign country before and this marriage has not yet been registered)

Do you possess foreign documents? In that case the municipality will first have to process them before you can register. This takes about 4 weeks.

What documents are required?

What documents are required depends on your situation. Were you born or did you reside in a foreign country? If so, you will often require additional documentary proof. Inquire with your municipality about the documents you need.

What must foreign documents comply with?

Often, foreign documents must conform to additional requirements, like a legalisation or apostille. Be sure that you inform yourself in time. Legalising foreign documents takes a lot of time. Documents not worded in English, French or German must be provided with an attached translation made by a sworn translator.