Parking in Delft

Parking in many parts of the city is reserved for permit holders so pay attention to the signs. See the website of ParkerenDelft for more information about parking in Delft.

Visit the centre of Delft

The centre of Delft is not accessible for motorized vehicles, unless you have an exemption. Parking in a parking garage is the most safe, easy and cheapest way to park your car. The garages are all on walking distance from the centre of Delft.

Parking on the street in the regulated area is also possible. Without a permit, this is only allowed on very few locations.

Parking fine

You can get a parking ticket if you park without paying a ticket. This is called an additional assessment parking fees. Within three days, you can pay it on the website of ParkerenDelft.

If it’s been three days since you’ve had the parking ticket, you have to wait for the duplicate of the additional assessment. This duplicate will be send to your home address by Invoned. The duplicate will include further instructions how to pay or how to make an appeal.

Do you disagree with the additional assessment? Within 6 weeks of the date on the additional assessment you can object.