Surname to be used


After your wedding or partnership ceremony you can register the surname you wish to be addressed by with the municipality where you live.


From then on government bodies that have received these municipal records will address you by your chosen surname.

Choice of surname

After you have contracted your marriage or partnership you may either use your partner’s surname or combine it with your own given surname. You may choose as follows:

  • your own given surname
  • your own given surname followed by your partner’s surname
  • your partner’s surname
  • your partner’s surname followed by your own given surname

Marriage booklet and proof of identity

Your own given surname does not officially change after you have made your choice. You only indicate the way in which you wish to be addressed. For this reason your marriage or partnership booklet will only be recording your given surname. This also applies to your passport, ID-card or driver’s licence. You may however arrange for your partner’s surname to be stated on your proof of identity.


There are no charges.