Booking a wedding date


A date for contracting a wedding or partnership must be booked online. Please log in using your own DigiD and your partner’s citizen service number.



You can book a date between 1 year and 6 weeks before the day of your wedding or partnership. Once made, bookings count as definitive.

Times available

Days and times depend on the location chosen by you:

Consult the wedding agenda to find out if your preferred date or time is still available.


Consult the events calendar to find out about possible other events in the Markt or other locations. There is always the possibility of events going on that are not listed on the calendar.

Changing or cancelling a date

You can change or cancel a date online

Community of property

When contracted, a marriage or partnership automatically implies limited community of property. For more information, consult the website of the Dutch government or contact a civil-law notary.


Booking a date does not imply a guarantee. Your marriage or partnership cannot be contracted until:

Charges in 2023

  • Booking/cancelling charges: € 102.40

Consult the page Marriage charges for other tariffs.

Booking charges

Booking charges are deducted from your eventual wedding charges. Charges paid are converted into cancelling charges in case of a change or cancellation. Booking charges apply on each consecutive new booking.