Immigration procedure

Are you moving to Delft from another country and are you staying at least 4 months in the Netherlands? Then you must register with the city in person (including all family members) within 5 days of your arrival.

Registration must be done in person at the Delft Registration Office (the municipality), address: Stationsplein 1. You must make an appointment first, by ringing 14015 (without a zero or area code, also if you are calling from a mobile phone).

Bring with you

Bring with you to the appointment:

  • A valid travel document
  • A purchase agreement or rental agreement; or a signed Authorisation for Lodging form from the primary resident or owner, along with a copy of their proof of identification and the purchase agreement or rental agreement of the primary resident or owner

First time in the Netherlands?

Is this your first time settling in the Netherlands? Then you should also bring with you:

  • A recent copy of your birth certificate (if available)
  • A recent copy of your marriage or divorce certificate (if available)

Are you a citizen of a country outside the European Union? Then you also need to apply for a residence permit with the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). For more information go to the IND website.

Returning to the Netherlands

Were you registered in the Netherlands in the past or do you already have Dutch citizenship? And has your personal situation changed since your departure, for example because of a marriage or the birth of a child? Then you must report this during registration. Bring the official certificates with you, if you have them.

Moving from the Caribbean Netherlands

Are you from the Caribbean Netherlands (Aruba, CuraƧao, Sint-Maarten, Bonaire, Saba and Sint Eustatius)? Then you should also bring with you: 

  • Original proof of deregistration
  • Recent copy of your birth certificate (if available)
  • Recent copy of your marriage certificate or divorce certificate (if available)

Processing time

The processing time is 2 weeks. If you are moving from the Caribbean Netherlands the processing time can be up to 1 month.

Citizen service number (BSN) 

When you register with the city, you automatically receive a citizen service number. Within 4 weeks you will receive a written confirmation of your registration, including your citizen service number.

Highly skilled (knowledge) migrants

There is a different procedure for highly skilled/knowledge migrants. They should make an appointment at The Hague International Centre to register immediately.