Recycle and minimize

Reduce, re-use and recycle to minimize waste! Delft residents have many options for reducing their ecological footprint.


If textiles and shoes are in good shape, they can be donated to a second-hand shop. Items can also be placed in a collection container for textiles, made available by some shops and by Avalex. ''Gratis op te halen'' is a website for items that are being given away.


Some items are collected throughout the neighbourhoods, others in centrally-located containers. Avalex, responsible for waste collection in Delft, provides a map of recycling container locations for textiles, glass, paper and plastic (fill in postal code and house number).

Paper and cardboard

Delft residents have blue mini-containers to recycle paper and cardboard.

To reduce the amount of junk mail and/or free local newspapers that you receive in your mailbox, consider using the nee/nee or nee/ja stickers, available at the Delft Registration Office


Large containers for glass recyclables are located throughout the city, often near shops. Some glass bottles have a deposit and can be returned to the shop.

Household waste

Used cooking oil and fats can be recycled. Collection points include Avalex, children’s petting zoos in Delft, and some supermarkets. Whatever waste remains after recycling should be properly disposed of. Examples include aluminium (extracted later) and waxed paper containers for liquids (Tetrapak).